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Although few studies of nonhysteroscopic endometrial ablation techniques report any complications, 1,2 Baggish and Savells 3 found a number of injuries when they searched hospital records and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) database . We compared two methods that are widely used in Finland (Menotreat ® and Cavaterm ®) in thermoablation of endometrial tissue in 31 patients that were randomized into two treatment groups. Results. Endometrial ablation was effective in the treatment of menorrhagia in patients with normal endometrial structure. Balloon (Cavaterm ® or Thermablate ) endometrial ablation: during these procedures, a single use, sterile, deflated balloon is placed in the uterine cavity and this is filled with hot water or oil to transmit a thermal effect to the lining of the uterus to destroy it by heat.

Cavaterm operation

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Neben den traditionellen elektrochirurgischen und Laserablations- verfahren drängen immer mehr neue Geräte auf den Markt, wobei sich die Frage stellt, welchen Stellenwert haben diese Methoden der 2.

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that Cavaterm may still be required to conduct this study to assess the effectiveness and acceptability of Cavaterm method. The aim of this study was to the analysis of the patient with menorrhagia performed operations of Ca-vaterm in our university affiliated hospital, and assesses the effectiveness and acceptability of the Cavaterm sys-tem.

Cavaterm operation

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Bleeding recurrence was significantly lower for the Cavaterm group in comparison with the TCRE group (5.4% vs 15.7% at 1 year and 8.5% vs 24.2% at 2 years). Continuous operation (no timed cycle) and can be installed in-line or used for batch processing. Additional pumps for feed and discharge are not necessary in most installations. Material can be discharged from vacuum chamber by operating design. Few spare parts subject to wear and easy access to interior parts for inspection and cleaning.

Myom kan behandlas på flera olika sätt. Förstahandsval är med hormoner eller läkemedel. Ibland genom operation  Minskande smärta efter operation efter endometrieablation Dessa 5 andra generationens enheter inkluderar: Thermachoice / Cavaterm, som använder hög  Jag inväntar nu ett datum för operation och ser fram emot ett helt nytt liv.
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Anbefalinger vedrørende sygemelding, rekreation og andet efter operation. Cavaterm. Få timer. 0-2 dage. Ingen. Blødning ophørt*.

It works by ablating the endometrial lining The Cavaterm™ treatment consists in eliminating the endometrium using a minimally invasive technique. A device equipped with a small balloon mounted on a tip is inserted vaginally into the womb (Picture 1), then inflated with a sterile fluid. Cavaterm™ is a minimally invasive treatment for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB) This second generation endometrial ablation technique consists of an adjustable, flexible silicone balloon catheter and a Cavabox. The treatment combines heat and pressure during 10 minutes to irreversibly coagulate the endometrium and underlying myometrium to a Cavaterm™ minimally invasive treatment for Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB) Cavaterm 3.1 is the third-generation endometrial ablation technique featuring an adjustable, flexible silicone balloon and a Central Unit that heats water (saline) and controls the internal pressure during the treatment to correct DUB. Cavaterm™ is a second generation endometrial ablation method. Back to top Cavaterm™ by Veldana Medical SA | Av. Riond-Bosson 14, 1110 Morges, Switzerland | +41 (0) 21 804 99 00 | Page 1. THE CAVATERMTM CENTRAL UNIT. OPERATOR‟S MANUAL.
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Cavaterm operation

THE CAVATERM PLUS CENTRAL UNIT. OPERATOR‟S MANUAL. F-02I14-F. Manufacturer. Pnn Medical SA. PO Box 2036, Riond-Bosson 14, CH-1110 Morges 2, Switzerland Cavaterm balloon ablation seems a safe and effective option for women with menorrhagia.

It works by ablating the endometria Cavaterm balloon ablation seems a safe and effective option for women with menorrhagia. The procedure does not require additional training and expertise in operative hysteroscopy and compares favourably with established techniques. Operation time: Cavaterm: 24 minutes • TCRE: 37 minutes p<0.01 . Return to normal activities • Cavaterm: 4 days • TCRE: 6 days p>0.05 .
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Nous utilisons la sonde CAVATERM dans cette indication. Cette technique semble encore  26 Sep 2014 tissue sucked and removed during the procedure for pathology, Liquid filled Balloon ablation ( thermachoice / cavaterm / thermablate). 16 Aug 2010 Endometrial destruction offered quicker surgery (weighted mean such as thermal balloon ablation (Thermachoice and Cavaterm),46 67 68  23 Dec 2017 Endometrial ablation is a minimally invasive procedure to treat heavy menstrual kinds of devices: ThermaChoice, Menotreat, Cavaterm,.